Offley Primary Academy – The Art of Being Brilliant!

2 July 2021


“The Art of Being Brilliant” project came to the KS2 children of Offley Primary Academy recently. After months of lockdown, home schooling and high levels of anxiety it was a welcomed initiative to boost the children’s well being and introduce them to their future potentials.

Each year group from Year 3,4 and 5 had 3 sessions with Sanj, our course presenter, aimed at opening the children’s minds to their inner brilliance. Each session involved time spent appreciating themselves and how they can influence their future achievements. This involved discussion, sharing of ideas, laughter and many WOW moments. Sanj created a caring, open atmosphere full of encouragement which made the children instantly engage and develop a keen rapport with him.

What appeared to be a simple ball game was an instant hit with the children. In small teams they had to pass a tennis ball up, down and across a line without dropping it. If the ball was dropped then the game had to restart. The children worked on this with great enthusiasm and were able to explain the qualities that made this so successful. They realised through this simple, highly enjoyable game that focus, concentration, self-belief, determination and being supportive were all key factors for success.

When Sanj revealed that only 2% of the population of Derby said they were truly happy, the children, as well as the adults were shocked. They then contemplated what their best life could be in comparison to a boring life and what they needed to live their best life.

After each session Sanj set them a challenge to do something to make their parents or us go WOW! Boy did they rise to this challenge, WOW is now echoing around our classrooms as the children and us appreciate their achievements big or small.

Sanj was a hit with the children and his message was delivered in a subtle, fun but effective manner which engaged and inspired them, As a result of “The Art of Being Brilliant” Year 4 have created inspirational, positive mosaics, WOW displays are appearing around school. This was a fascinating, inspirational course which benefitted our children so much, a definite WOW from them!




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