St Bart’s Pupil Parliament “PEACE” competition winners

8 March 2017

Back in November, children of the St Bart’s Pupil Parliament organised a competition for all families to take part in!

As a Trust, our trust values are important to us and we wanted to ensure that all of our family members, staff, children and parents were aware and will continue to be aware of these. Families were asked to design a poster to represent our core values. These are Passion, Encouraging, Ambition, Commitment and Enjoyment, which are represented through the acronym PEACE.

We had hundreds of fantastic entries and were delighted with the response. It was clear that we have a wealth of very talented and creative families within the St Bart’s Trust.

Each Academy School Council then selected their top ten designs which were then presented to the St Bart’s Parliament. The Parliament selected a winning design from each academy.

The winning entries

Congratulations to the following winners and their families:

Chloe Ratcliffe – Park Hall Academy, Alfie Rushton – Meir Heath Academy, Kobi Lowe – Kingsland Academy, Natalya G – Cranberry Academy, Bailey Jones – Offley Primary, Trinity Lee – Belgrave St Bartholomew’s, William Dale – St Nathaniels, Magda Witek – St Michaels Community Academy, Ben Shemilt – Weston Coyney Juniors (Weston Federation).

Our Chief Executive Officer, Mr Brislen and the Principals from each of the academies within the Trust were tasked with the incredibly difficult task of selecting an overall winning design. This proved to be almost impossible as everyone was so impressed with each of the entries. Finally, two designs were chosen as the overall winners, with elements of each design being incorporated into a final design.

The overall winners were Chloe Ratcliffe from Park Hall Academy and Alfie Rushton from Meir Heath Academy.

The designs will now be professionally produced and will take pride of place in each academy so that all members of our St Bart’s family and visitors to our academies will be familiar with our PEACE values.

Emma Bridgewater factory tour

All of our winners were invited to an awards ceremony and visit to Emma Bridgewater where they were able to once again showcase their creative talents by designing their own mug. In addition, they had a factory tour which was very inspiring and a party tea too. We were very lucky as Emma Bridgewater herself presented certificates and congratulated our talented children.

On behalf of the St Bart’s Parliament, we would like to thank everyone who took part in the competition.

It was wonderful to see so many families working together to represent the St Bart’s Trust values of PEACE.

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