St. Bart’s Academy Trust Boccia Tournament starts with a roll!

16 January 2018

Tuesday 16th January saw the first ever Boccia tournament across the St Bart’s Academy Trust.

The academies taking part included Belgrave St. Bartholomew’s, Nantwich Primary, Park Hall, St. Michael’s Community, St Saviour’s C of E, Saint Nathaniel’s and Weston Federation.

The games provided great excitement with teams finding it difficult to control the pace and line of the ball.  Fantastic efforts were made by all teams.

The games proved a huge success with most academies having a team in the finals.

The results were:

1st – Nantwich Primary,

2nd – Weston Federation,

3rd – Park Hall,

4th – St. Michael’s Community,

5th – Saint Nathaniel’s

6th – Weston Federation – 2nd team

Well done to all children that took part including the teams for Belgrave and St Saviour’s who competed very well in there first tournament and thank you to all of the teachers that assisted during the tournament.

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