In the news: Secondary school pupil numbers ‘to continue rising’

13 July 2018

The Department for Education has forecasted an increase in the secondary school population until around 2025, and predicts the primary population will stabilise in 2019 before beginning to fall.

The number of secondary pupils will reach an estimated 3.28 million in 2025, up from 2.85 million this year, according to the latest Department for Education (DfE) projections.

The rate of growth in the nursery and primary population is slowing, and pupil numbers are expected to reach 4.66 million in 2019 before starting to decrease.

Changes in the school age population are “largely driven by the birth rate”, the DfE explained.

Responding to the figures, the BBC reports that the general secretary of NAHT highlighted the “challenge” of finding sufficient school places for the increasing school population, and called for a “proper national strategy”.

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