Need-to-know: Teachers set for pay rise under DfE plans

21 January 2020

Government proposes salary rises of 6.7% for early-career teachers and 2.5% for experienced teachers and school leaders in England.

The changes, proposed by the Department for Education, would come into force in September 2020.

They would apply only to teachers employed under the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD). 

The government says schools will get additional funding to help them cover the costs of these pay awards, but hasn’t yet confirmed how much schools will get.

See more detail on the proposals here.

Starting salaries

The plans include increasing annual starting salaries to at least:

  • £32,000 in inner London
  • £30,000 in outer London
  • £27,000 in the London fringe
  • £26,000 elsewhere in England

Pay ranges

The government has proposed pay range increases of 2.5% for:

  • Experienced teachers (those on the upper pay range)
  • Headteachers and senior leaders (those on the leadership pay range)

It’s also proposed increasing salaries by up to 6.7% for early-career teachers (those on the main pay range). 

STRB to review proposals

The School Teachers’ Review Body (which makes recommendations on the pay, professional duties and working time of teachers in England), will review the government proposals and make recommendations later in the year. 

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