Need-to-know: Rise in teacher pension contributions will be ‘fully funded’ for 2019/20

15 January 2019

The DfE has opened a consultation on funding the rise in employer contributions to teachers’ pension from September 2019. This funding will only cover state-funded schools. 

The DfE plans to fully fund this rise – make your voice heard

Take a few minutes to fill out the consultation on this proposal. There are only 4 questions.

Read the consultation document beforehand for more details.

You have until 12 February 2019. The DfE will publish a response in spring 2019.

The funding will cover the 2019/20 financial year

This means funding for:

  • Maintained schools through to March 2020
  • Academies through to August 2020

What we don’t know yet

  • How allocations for each school will be calculated
  • When you’ll receive your allocation
  • Whether this funding will extend into 2020/21. The government will decide this after a spending review later this year

What’s this all about?

From September 2019 the employer contribution rate for the Teachers’ Pension Scheme will increase to 23.6%. The current rate is 16.48%.

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