Need-to-know: Ofsted publishes new inspection framework and handbooks

14 May 2019

On-site inspection time scrapped, ‘short’ inspections of ‘good’ schools extended to 2 days, and more.

The new framework will apply from September 2019 to inspections of maintained schools and academies.

Ofsted’s made changes to its new inspection framework and handbooks, following a consultation to which over 15,000 people responded.

Proposals that are still going ahead in September

  • A new ‘quality of education’ measure that’ll put greater emphasis on your curriculum

  • Separate judgements for ‘behaviour and attitudes’ and ‘personal development’

  • Increasing the length of section 8 (‘short’) inspections from 1 to 2 days, except for small schools (150 or fewer pupils on roll)

  • No longer using your school’s internal performance data as inspection evidence

Proposals that have been scrapped

  • On-site preparation time on the afternoon before an inspection begins

  • Section 8 (‘short’) inspections will not increase from 1 to 2 days for small schools

Other changes and clarifications

  • There’ll be a 90-minute phone call between the lead inspector and the headteacher on the afternoon before an inspection begins

  • Inspectors won’t look at your internal performance data first-hand. If your school wants to use data, they’ll be interested in the conclusions you draw and actions you take from that data

  • There’ll be a transitional period, to be reviewed in summer 2020, during which Ofsted will phase-in the ‘intent’ grade descriptors for the ‘quality of education’ judgement

  • Instead of looking for an ‘absence‘ of bullying under the ‘behaviour and attitudes’ judgement, inspectors will look at how schools ‘tolerate bullying, harassment, violence, derogatory language and discriminatory behaviour …and, crucially, how swiftly and effectively [you] take action


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