Need-to-know: DfE confirms pay rises and teachers’ pay grant details

14 September 2018

The government has published the finalised version of the STPCD for 2018/19, alongside initial information about how the teachers’ pay grant will be calculated for the upcoming year.

The government has published the 2018 School Teachers’ Pay and Condition Document (STPCD) , which confirms the following pay uplifts:

  • 3.5% uplift to the minimum and maximum of the main pay range (MPR) and the unqualified teacher pay range
  • 2% uplift to the minimum and maximum of the upper pay range (UPR), the leading practitioner pay range, and all allowances across all pay ranges (e.g. TLRs and SEN allowances)
  • 1.5% uplift to the minimum and maximum of the leadership pay range

The teachers’ pay grant will cover part of the cost

The government has also published details of how the teachers’ pay grant will be calculated.

This will be based on the number of pupils at your school (or in special schools, PRUs and AP academies, the number of places) and an area cost adjustment for schools in London.

At the link above you can see the per-pupil rates for primary, secondary, special and alternative provision schools. Further information will be available in October, and payments will be made later in the autumn.

Who this applies to

The STPCD applies to teachers in maintained schools and to academies who employ teachers under the STPCD.

Academies who don’t employ teachers under the STPCD can set their own pay rates, but can follow the STPCD if they wish.

What you need to do now

  • Where a teacher is paid on the minimum of their pay range, their salary must be uplifted to the new minimum
  • For all other teachers, you must decide how to take account of the pay uplifts when making individual pay progression decisions. You must do this in accordance with your pay policy
  • All pay uplifts you apply should be backdated to 1 September 2018

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