GB Hockey Player & Olympian visits Offley Primary Academy

14 February 2018

Offley Primary Academy were lucky enough to have a visit from Great Britain and Olympic hockey player Henry Weir this week.

Henry spent the afternoon with our Year 5 and 6 children. He talked to them about how he had to work hard at school on the things that he wasn’t so good at (which was Maths in his case) in order to improve. This enabled Henry to achieve the outcomes he wanted which in turn mean that he then had opportunities to fulfil his dreams. A really strong message for the children about putting in the effort and having a growth mindset.

The children got to try out some hockey skills with Henry giving them some ‘top tips’ to improve.

Henry asked the children what they thought made an elite athlete?

They gave some great responses: resilience, determination, courage, teamwork, strength (physical and mental-great answer!) and having a dream!

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